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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a Lisa’s Rolling Video Games for my event?​​


  • You can book us on our website at: You can also call or text us at: 281-923-5923 to book or more information.​

Do you charge an extra cost for travel?​​

    Travel charge is depending on distance and travel time it may also vary.


Can my gaming party be affected by bad weather?

  • Lisa’s Rolling Video Games truck is designed for all types of weather conditions. Apart from the theater being insulated, it is also climate controlled with heat and air conditioning. On occasions when the weather may be severe, we will need to reschedule your party. We reserve the right to reschedule your services to guarantee the safety of our staff and your guests. However, light rains may not necessitate cancellation. You can continue with gaming inside the truck. You can also call in to start the rescheduling process if you feel or anticipate that the weather threatens your party.


Is there an age limit?

  • Yes, we do require a responsible adult to be on board at an event where children less than five years are involved. Toddlers and infants are not allowed to play with any of the equipment and must be held if in the game trailer.

Can I book it in advance?

  • Yes, we highly suggest booking a month in an advance to get the perfect time slot for your event.

Do you allow food in Lisa's Rolling Video Games truck?

  • We do not allow any food or drinks in the video game theater. You and your guest should consume food and drinks outside the game theater.

How many people can Lisa's RVG truck accommodate?​

  • Our video game trailer can accommodate up to 24 players. The inside includes 6TVs, video game systems, and surround sound speakers.

How much space does Lisa’s Rolling Video Game trailer need?

  • Our truck is very long and needs a minimum of 90 feet of space. Our game coach will park the trailer where it cannot cause danger to equipment, property, or persons. We also don't park in yards, driveways, or other areas that we deem dangerous. When we pull up, we look for a flat-level area or logical spot to park. We may need to park on your neighborhood street, so you need to let your neighbor know in advance or let us know if you have a preferred spot. We also don't park on grass, gravel areas, dirt roads or asphalt.

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